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Unplanned Parenthood

JUL 30 | Reprinted from

Federal funds should be halted – at least temporarily – to Planned Parenthood until the matter of whether they are trading in fetal tissues for profit is solved.

As you have heard, a group called the Center for Medical Progress, has gone into a number of facilities – including Planned Parenthood facilities – shooting undercover videos about buying and selling tissues from aborted fetuses.

The Washington Post’s David Weigel called the practice ” the little-covered and gruesome issue of fetal tissue sales.” Continue reading

Espo Retires

JUL 24 | Reprinted from

You will never see Dave Espo’s face on Morning Joe.

While he didn’t have a face for radio, so to speak, he also didn’t have the blow-dried look of the modern day reporter.

For 41 years, Espo has plowed the fields of Congress, planting seeds among sources, reaping stories and helping to power the Associated Press. Continue reading

Media Mayhem Part I: Down on, Done with Donald


“I like what he’s saying. He’s bringing things out.“ No I don’t think (he would be a good President). “He doesn’t have some of the qualities needed…”
Nancy Zeller, retired nurse on CBS Evening News July 20, 2015

“Some days I’m hot and some days I’m cold. There’s things he’s saying that other politicians don’t have the guts to say…But he tends to be a little thin-skinned and retaliates too easily. When I see that out of Obama and his people, I detest it.”
George Smith, retired consultant in the Washington Post July 21, 2015

It is so over for Donald Trump.  Continue reading

Obama’s Folly?

JUL 16 | Reprinted from

When you think about it, throughout history the United States has struck some pretty good deals with foreign adversaries.

In fact, some great ones.

Seward’s Folly: On March 30, 1867, “U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward sign(ed) a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska for $7 million. Despite the bargain price of roughly two cents an acre, the Alaskan purchase was ridiculed in Congress and in the press as ‘Seward’s folly,’ ‘Seward’s icebox,’ and President Andrew Johnson’s ‘polar bear garden.”‘ Continue reading

Those Crazy Persians

JUL 16 | Reprinted from

I could have written a column about the reaction to a deal with Iran five months ago and I wouldn’t have missed by much: Republicans are furious. Democrats are wary. The Obama Administration is taking, not a victory lap, but running a victory marathon.

Here’s what I don’t know about the Iran deal: Everything.

No one who raced to get in front of a camera on Tuesday had read the text of the agreement(s). And, because of the nature of these things, there are secret appendices and side agreements that we may never know. Continue reading

Can Republicans Override a Presidential Veto on Iran?

JUL 14 | Reprinted from

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank

It’s easy for Republicans to oppose this nuclear deal with Iran.

They don’t trust President Barack Obama, they don’t like John Kerry, and they love Benjamin Netanyahu.

The question is: Can they override a presidential veto of a resolution of disapproval? Continue reading

A Brave New GOP

JUL 7 | Reprinted from

Originally published in The Hill

To build a modern America, we have to modernize the Grand Old Party.

Events over the last week have put an exclamation point on the past. We must move to bravely embrace the new world.

The Civil War is over. Finally. Let’s retire the flag of resistance and work to heal the wounds of past sins.

The Supreme Court has decided that everybody deserves a right to have a family, no matter what their sexual orientation. So be it. Let’s move on. Continue reading

It’s All Greek to Me

JUL 6 | Reprinted from

Let me say, at the outset, that I am so far out of my depth in this issue that, if I look up, all I see is a sea of numbers. If I were you I would roll my eyes, sigh loudly, hit the DELETE key, and return to a close examination of this morning’s postings by your Facebook friends.

If you’re still with me, hang on.

Voters in Greece, yesterday, rejected an austerity program that would have allowed the European Central Bank (the European Union’s Fed) to lend money to Greek banks so they would have enough Euros to pay depositors. Continue reading

Charleston: Messages, Meaning, and Moving On


Charleston has now buried its dead. The nine victims of Dylan Roof have been immortalized.

The families of the victims have reacted with truly amazing grace, not sung but practiced. They have offered one of the most difficult yet most meaningful gifts one human being can offer another — forgiveness.

“I just wanted everybody to know to you I forgive you,” Nadine Collier, the daughter of victim Ethel Lance, said to Roof during his first court appearance. “We are here to combat hate-filled actions with love-filled actions,” Alana Simmons, who lost her grandfather, Pastor Daniel L. Simmons Sr., said. Continue reading