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Fixing Congress Requires More Than a New Speaker


“We came here to get something done. We always lock horns. We always argue. We never agree. I think it is about time, for once in a long time, we find common ground and agree.

“I want to get something done that is achievable. I don’t want to keep talking grand bargains that never happen. I want to see where we can get something done that is achievable and go for that.”

Those are the words of Congressman Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin whiz who is now the sought-after candidate for Speaker of the House. Continue reading

GOP Tumult is Nothing New

OCT 1  |  Reprinted from

The Republican Party was founded upon the ashes of the Whig Party, which collapsed over the issue of slavery.

And ever since that time, the Grand Old Party has had a bit of a wild ride.

Two House buildings are named after former GOP Speakers of the House who faced a rambunctious caucus.

Speaker Joe Cannon governed the House with an iron fist until a bloc of progressive Republicans demanded that he give up his Chairmanship of the Rules Committee and otherwise give them more access to power.   Continue reading