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Our Talking Points Society

Reprinted from Mullings.com

An essay in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday pointed out that as the oral arguments on same-sex marriage proceeded in the Supreme Court the use of the term “unfollow” jumped to ten times its normal frequency.

Blogger Caleb Garling wrote, the context of the word “unfollow” was generally: “If you do/n’t like gay marriage, unfollow me” or telling someone with a particular stance on gay marriage, that they were now unfollowing them because of that view.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Twitter-verse “followers” are loosely analogous to “friends” on Facebook. A major difference is: Anyone can “follow” Continue reading

Obama Performance: Excuses Keep Coming


The first presidential debate Wednesday, Oct. 3  confounded the narrative of the mainstream media that Mitt Romney was a dead man walking and that President Obama was on his way to a significant victory. It rendered that view obsolete, at best.

Never mind that the most recent surveys already had indicated the race had tightened back to something pretty close to a dead heat. In the world where the media and the liberal chattering class reside, only a nitwit could pretend that Mitt Romney stood a chance to prevail. Continue reading