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Misdirected Call for Bigger Government

Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

Sometimes the private sector does it to itself. That’s what makes Washington such a confounding place to do business.

Purists like to talk about how the government shouldn’t get involved picking winners and losers.

It is a nice thought. But making that nice thought reality is not always possible.

From outside the beltway, it looks so simple. Those damn politicians, who think they are holier than thou, get their sense of glory by regulating the poor old business sector, an innocent bystander that would act efficiently if only the government would stay out of their business. Continue reading

Empty Votes, Dangerous Promises

Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

It was a good thing that the Senate finally passed a budget last week. I guess.

The Senate budget resolution was unique in that the Upper Body passed a budget resolution before the President actually proposed his own budget, probably for the first time in history.

And the fact that the Senate passed a budget seemed like a novelty because the world’s most deliberative body has been so deliberative that it hadn’t bothered to take this action required by law for almost a half a decade. Continue reading

Populism Run Amok

Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

First published in The Hill.

Andrew Jackson was our nation’s first populist president.

He ran against the moneyed Eastern Establishment and abolished the Second Bank of the United States.

Jackson also was the only president to pay off our national debt. Soon after erasing the debt and squashing the national bank, an early version of the Federal Reserve, the American economy went into a severe depression.We have never paid off our national debt again. Continue reading


Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

This should give a sense of how politically far afield the conservative movement has gone.

The CPAC convention has invited Richard Fisher, the head of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank and big-time Democrat, to address the group while going out of its way to make sure that everybody knew that Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie, the two most popular Republican governors in the country, have not been invited.

Fisher has been invited because he agrees with Bernie Sanders that the U.S. government should somehow break up America’s largest banks.

McDonnell and Christie have been dis-invited because they governed in such a way as to make them the most popular Republican governors in the country. Continue reading