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Great Cyprus Bank Robbery

Reprinted from Mullings.com

It is well known that there are a number of countries in Europe that are in dire financial straits. So dire that they make our $16.7 trillion national debt look manageable.

We know about Greece and Italy, Portugal and Spain. Not only are they drowning in debt, but they have high unemployment (Spain’s is nearly 25 percent) and negative GDP growth.

But the scariest news over the weekend came from the tiny country of Cyprus. Continue reading

Obama at Summit Embarrassed Us

Reprinted from Mullings.com

The G-20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico is, thankfully, over.

During the proceedings we watched as President Barack Obama maneuvered himself into a position of being – if not totally inconsequential – certain a minor member of the chorus.

From Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush American Presidents have held the title “the most powerful man in the world.” Sometimes it was altered to “the most powerful man in the¬†western¬†world” but, you know what I mean.

Barack Obama has not just allowed that label to lapse. He appears to have been happy to toss it aside.

This isn’t about American exceptionalism. It’s about Obama ordinariness.

Obama is not First Among Equals at international meetings. At best he’s fourth among equals between Russia, China, and Germany. If you include Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Obama is no better than fifth. Continue reading

Lybia, Japan and Other News


Reprinted from mullings.com

There has been so much going on this week, it’s almost impossible to make sense of it all in just one column.

First of all the is the ongoing non-war in Libya. It is a non-war in which country appears to want to take control.

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