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A Table and A Christmas Story


Dad came around the corner from the hallway and there sitting underneath the dining room table was daughter Jessie, around three years old, practicing the Pledge of Allegiance she had learned from her friends on Sesame Street.

The table was Jessie’s refuge from the noise and hubbub of the recent arrival of twin sisters, born just months before. The table was where Jessie went for quiet time. She had the Pledge down pat. No doubt a brilliant child, Dad thought. She was just three, you know. Continue reading

State of the State of the Union

Reprinted from Mullings.com

From Paris, France

I am in Paris for one afternoon and overnight because the non-stop service from Oujda, Morocco to Dulles International Airport just outside Washington, DC hasn’t yet begun. We flew into Orly Airport which is the Newark Airport of Europe. If you can arrange a trip that doesn’t include Orly, I recommend you do that. But, any story that ends with, “and then we had dinner in Paris” is a pretty good story.

Washington, DC is awash in activity surrounding the President’s State of the Union address tomorrow night at nine Eastern time. Continue reading