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No “Trump” Puns in Nevada

FEB 24 | Reprinted from

One of the things you learn when doing communications and messaging for a political campaign is: Find something good to say.

If a poll shows your candidate is in 9th place 276 percentage points behind the guy in 8th place, you say, “Our internals indicate our message is just beginning to break through, so we take great heart in these excellent numbers.”

Then you go to confession. Even if you’re Jewish. Continue reading

TrusTed is BusTed

FEB 23  |  Reprinted from

Nobody trusts Ted Cruz.

And since trusting Ted Cruz is one of his major campaign themes, that’s a major problem.

Cruz is a smart guy. Just ask him.

He must look at the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia and wonder where it all went wrong for him.

He was aiming for the wrong job all along.

I’m not saying that Cruz would get confirmed by the United States Senate should he cut a deal with Marco Rubio to drop out of the race and then get named by President Rubio to fill the Scalia vacancy, because I don’t think that’s possible. Continue reading

The Hope for Winnowing is Winnowing

FEB 22 | Reprinted from The Screaming Moderate (

Here goes: I’ve been wrong.

I never believed (still don’t or maybe better put can’t) that Donald Trump would be the Republican candidate for president. The facts are the facts though – he may be.

The stars have aligned: voters are angry with the way things are and Trump, who will say anything about anyone or anything and feel no qualms about it because he can say the opposite a minute later, channels that anger. The GOP field has stayed big for too long and his 30 to 35 percent of the GOP primary base has been more than sufficient to win New Hampshire and South Carolina. He attacked and attacked his previous biggest target – Jeb Bush – and Jeb now is gone. The remaining GOP candidates don’t have anywhere near Trump’s hooooge personality or mouth so who will take him down? Continue reading

Would Washington, Lincoln Get Elected Today?

FEB 15  |  Reprinted from Facebook

On this day of celebrating the presidential leadership qualities of President Washington and President Lincoln, it is interesting to think about how they might fare in today’s political environment.

They were honest and trustworthy.

They were neither narcissistic nor vulgar.

They believed in the equality of opportunity, not the equality of outcome. Continue reading

The Evangelist

FEB 11  |  Reprinted from

“We are all connected.”

Said John Kasich in the single most inspirational and evangelical political speech of the year.

The former Catholic altar boy turned Anglican has been the most faithful of Christian enthusiasts in the GOP primary race.

He is the one who is taking the most heat for being such a faithful Christian, not from the left but from the right.

He expanded Medicaid in his state for one stated purpose: He wanted to help the poor. Continue reading

Moon Shots & Unacknowledged Hard Work of the Congress

FEB 3  |  Reprinted from

While the President announced his “moon shot” to cure cancer from the Speaker’s Rostrum overlooking the United States House of Representatives, he might as well been speaking from an alternative universe.

Don’t get me wrong. I think we need to invest a lot more in cancer research. I also think we need to invest more to cure Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Here is what the President said: Continue reading