Would Washington, Lincoln Get Elected Today?

FEB 15  |  Reprinted from Facebook

On this day of celebrating the presidential leadership qualities of President Washington and President Lincoln, it is interesting to think about how they might fare in today’s political environment.

They were honest and trustworthy.

They were neither narcissistic nor vulgar.

They believed in the equality of opportunity, not the equality of outcome.

They sought to unite, not divide their nation.

They saw governing as a noble endeavor, not something to be disparaged.

They brought experience and wisdom to their political judgements, not fear and vitriol.

They did not believe in dynasties as a governing model.

They were uplifting and charitable.

They drew power and solace from their faith.

They were men of courage, character, determination, and vision.

Could they be elected in today’s political climate? Would they survive the toxicity of today’s dialogue? Let us hope they could. And let us find those qualities in the President we chose this year.