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Bigger Problems for Obamacare

Reprinted from Mullings.com

A poll released yesterday by the Associated Press and GfK demonstrated a point I’ve been making with eye-glazing regularity: The problems with healthcare.gov will be solved; when they are solved they will reveal a far more damaging problem for the Obama Administration and its Democratic supporters: Obamacare itself stinks.

It was ill conceived, ill designed, ill written, and is being ill implemented.

The problems with healthcare.gov have been a technical failure. The problems with Obamacare are a policy failure. Continue reading

The Vast Majority

Reprinted from Mullings.com

A phrase that haunted the Nixon Administration (in addition to “I am not a crook”) was his claim that he was representing what he called, in a 1969 speech, the “Silent Majority.”

A phrase that will haunt the Administration of President Obama will likely be the “Vast Majority.”

You may have read, seen, or heard about the fact that the homepage of Obamacare – healthcare.gov – was nowhere ready for prime time when it launched on October 1, 2013. After stumbling and bumbling through an embarrassing press conference to explain how that might have happened his team came up with a date, November 30, by which it would be working smoothly. Continue reading


Reprinted from Mullings.com

Since the grand opening of Healthcare.gov – the federal home of Obamacare – on October 1, 2013, the federal government has been able to sign up only 26,794 people.

26,794 people is something short of what the Administration of Barack Obama had hoped for, had sneered at Republicans for doubting, and had assured the American public it was on target to produce.

Put another way, after spending over three years and, according to the Washington Post, between $170 and $300 million (just for the website), the geniuses at the Department of Health and Human Services have been able to sign up the equivalent of the entire population of … Carbondale, Illinois (Pop. 26,241).

If you’re looking for something to compare all this with, Amazon.com gets about 4.3 million unique visitors – per day; almost 129 million per month.

According to NBC News, HHS has had a “goal of 7 million newly signed up by the end of March” 2014. Continue reading