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Media Missed Mark on Campaign Coverage

By Michael S. Johnson

Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine had a 26-page spread last month on the Midwest’s new tourist hotspot, North Dakota . It featured Governor– and now U.S. Senator-elect– John Hoeven, who  gets much of the credit for making North Dakota one of the most prosperous states in the country.

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Republican Demise A Bit Premature


Reprinted from the Feehery Theory

In many ways, it was the best-case scenario for the Republican Party.

They swept the House in dramatic fashion, and while they didn’t quite win the Senate, they got the next best thing: Harry Reid is still going to be the chief spokesman for Congressional Democrats.

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Obama and Palin


 Reprinted from Mullings.com and Townhall.com

 One of the very few things about being me is that I get calls from pretty smart reporters asking me what I think about this or that.

Sitting at the Atlanta airport yesterday afternoon, I got such a call from a reporter for the Daily Beast asking me to compare Sarah Palin’s appearances in the run-up to Tuesday’s elections with those of Mitt Romney.

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About Last Night


Reprinted from the Feeherytheory.com

Erik Erickson has become famous for his visceral hatred of the Republican Party, and of course earlier this year he was immediately hired by CNN to represent the Republican view on various shows.  Erickson let the cat out of the bag when discussing the Delaware primary results last night.  He admitted that Christine O’Donnell, the winner, has no chance of winning the general election.  Erickson then admitted that he really didn’t want Republicans to win control of the Senate.

I call this the loser strategy.  These Tea Party zealots seem to hate Barack Obama so much that they want him to keep control of the Senate.  They want Obama to fail so completely, they want to make sure that Senate Democrats set the agenda, chair all the committees, authorize the funding for all investigations, schedule all of the confirmation hearings, schedule the floor and pretty much give the President the run of the upper chamber.

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