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Oh, Great

Reprinted from Loose Change (TCBMag.com)

The release of the much-anticipated movie, Texas Chainsaw 3D, hit theaters last week. I could hardly contain my excitement, imagining myself lounging in one of those cushy theater seats with a bin of buttered popcorn watching a masked serial killer slice and dice (in 3-D yet!) people’s bodies up like he’s carving up a sculpture at the St. Paul Winter Carnival. And, be still my heart, to hear the bones crack and the victims scream in Dolby THX Sensaround! Yes! Apparently a lot of folks saw it the same way, because Texas Chainsaw 3D was last week’s number one box office hit.

Do you suppose those millions of people forgot that just three weeks ago the Sandy Hook elementary school had its own version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Continue reading

Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Reprinted from Mullings.com

There is nothing good about the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. President Obama said what I thought my President should have said and the way I wanted my president to have said it in his remarks there last night.

I am no longer worried about my son. But my son is worried about his two little girls. They are not yet old enough for school, but sending a seven-year-old to school should not be a cause to worry all day that he or she will come home safely. Continue reading

The Enemy Within

Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

I feel like America is collectively living in a very disturbing episode of the Twilight Zone. The events from Friday morning in Connecticut have thrown me for a loop.

A kid from the suburbs killed a bunch of small kids from the suburbs and their teachers and their principal. That these children are roughly the same age as my son fills me with a combination of rage, dread, sadness, empathy, and confusion. Continue reading