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The Enemy Within

Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

I feel like America is collectively living in a very disturbing episode of the Twilight Zone. The events from Friday morning in Connecticut have thrown me for a loop.

A kid from the suburbs killed a bunch of small kids from the suburbs and their teachers and their principal. That these children are roughly the same age as my son fills me with a combination of rage, dread, sadness, empathy, and confusion. Continue reading

Drill, Don’t Drill, Drill

Republican Majority Bubbling Up in Burbs


Reprinted from Weekly Standard

The American suburbs fueled the emergence of the Democratic congressional majority in 2006 and then helped expand it 2008.  During those two election cycles, Republicans lost 24 incumbent or open seat races in these cul-de-sac filled districts.

But now suburbanites are shifting again. As a result, many of these districts could swing back to the GOP, providing more than half of the forty seats Republicans need to capture the majority in the House.

The battle for the suburbs will determine if President Barack Obama continues to work with his own party as the congressional majority or if Washington reverts to divided government.

Many swing voters live in the suburbs. As these regions grew following World War II, they became an increasingly large and pivotal piece of political real estate.
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